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Vampires in Devil Town - Wayne Hixon It's not well written (but, really, what did I expect?) and that really got in the way of my enjoying it. It is so full of little inconsistencies and fallacies, which greatly annoyed me.

I was never frightened in the least by anything in this book, despite the fact that it contains several elements that are almost guaranteed to creep me out. The writing is entirely emotionless, he was simply conveying the events. The characters hardly seemed frightened themselves; bantering while escaping, or just having escaped, these atrocities. The author may have said they were scared a few times, but it never felt like the were.

Something would happen, with no explanation, and I would have NO idea what that was about. Until, a few pages later, it spelled everything out. It never really alludes to these things, it never lets you figure out anything for yourself, it just tells you. I don't like that.
At the very end it does leave you with something to think on, and that is good. The last sentence I like, but not a lot more. There were a few points where I started to kind of like it, but they ended quickly.